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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you guarantee freshness?
At we buy all our stock from licensed distributors and ship you the cigarettes almost right from their warehouse, so it's like buying a pack from the store except they are delivered right to your door step.

What is the maximum amount I could buy?
At iIt is absolutely up to you, to comply with International customs laws, we only ship up to 3 cartons per parcel, but you can buy as much as you want. Once you agree to our terms and conditions you will be able to add as many cartons as you wish into your shopping cart.

I ordered five cartons, but I only got 3 in the mail today. Were the other items lost?
At we are required to ship up to 3 cartons per parcel to comply with international shipping standards. All cartons are shipped on the same day, but they may not reach their destination at the same time because of potential inconsistencies in the postal system. If your complete order does not arrive within 30 days of shipment, please contact us.

What countries do you ship to?
At we are able to ship to almost any country in the world. Click here to check our lists of countries.

Will my personal information be sold to spammers?
At we fully comply with all laws related to data protection. Your personal data cannot legally be disclosed to foreign country authorities, much less sold to spammers or other marketing databases.

Is there a difference in taste between low grade and high grade tobacco?
At, Absolutely! Consumers must be careful about companies that sell counterfeit or third world-grown tobacco. Their products taste dramatically different (in a bad way) because they use inferior tobacco, contain some very strange ingredients (sawdust for example) and may be over a year old! That's why we only sell cigarettes made with top quality tobacco.

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